Ryan Gosling Turned Down Being In This Iconic '90s Band And We're Gobsmacked

Think of what that Kenergy could have brought...
PATRICK T. FALLON via Getty Images

If his recent “I’m Just Ken” Oscars performance and constantly-resurfacing dancing video hasn’t proven Ryan Gosling’s pop star potential to you yet, this just might.

AJ McLean ― yup, he of Backstreet Boys fame ― claims that he invited the Barbie actor to join his band back in the ’90s, long before it took off.

The band member said in a TMZ interview, “He can sing his ass off. He’s not only a great actor and a handsome man.“

What? How?

AJ and Ryan were actually neighbours as teens in Florida, it turns out. And apparently, AJ offered him a part in the band when forming it.

“He didn’t think it was gonna go anywhere, and then it did,” AJ alleged in the TMZ clip.

“And he kinda missed the boat, but... when I see you at the gym, let’s exchange numbers. And if we ever want a sixth Backstreet Boy, I’m gonna call you.”

AJ also implied that Ryan called him after the band got big.

“Ryan, I am so sorry that I didn’t call you back,” he said at the start of the video.


Yep! Ryan’s actually formed his own band since ― he created the band Dead Man’s Bones in 2009 with Zach Shields.

And before that, he’d sing at weddings with his sister Mandi, he told Interview in 2010.

“We would sing When a Man Loves a Woman to the bride,” he revealed.

“We’d do it right before the garter ceremony. While the bride was sitting on the chair, I would get down on my knees and sing the song, and then my sister would sing another song, and then together we would sing Old Time Rock & Roll.

“Then sometimes if we were really killing it, I’d sing Runaround Sue.“

As if we needed FURTHER proof we shouldn’t have been shocked by his Oscars success:


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