Rylan Clark Is All Of Us As He Discovers A Snake In His House (And He Was Hungover. Rylan, Not The Snake)

“This is why you shouldn’t live alone.”
(L-R) A snake and Rylan Clark
(L-R) A snake and Rylan Clark

Dealing with hangovers is tricky at the best of times, but spare a thought for Rylan Clark who redefined The Fear when he had to deal with a very unwelcome house guest whilst nursing a sore head

After a night on the sauce over the weekend, the presenter discovered an actual snake in his Essex home, which left poor Rylan in a right old state.

Taking to Instagram, the terrified former X Factor star shared a video of himself trying to usher the reptile out of the door – with little success.

“There is a fucking snake in my house. What do you do? What do you do?” he shouted.

“Can someone please tell me what do you do, because this is why you shouldn’t live alone?” he continued. “I don’t know what to do. There is a snake in my house, I repeat, there is a snake in my house and I think I’m gonna die.”

Rylan then asked his millions of followers if he could “put it in an envelope”, before he became even more freaked out as the snake began moving around.

“I tried to touch it and now it’s moving, it’s moving, someone send help!”, he pleaded.

“If I’m not here tomorrow, then thank you, Jesus, for everything,” he then joked.

“I’m not in a good way, I’ve been Googling can you get killed by them. Why is this happening? Why is there a snake in my house? Is that normal?

“What if there’s, like, the mum or the dad snake, is it real? Can they climb stairs?”

He added: “I knew there were a few snakes in Brentwood but I didn’t realise there was actual snakes. You just don’t need this on a hangover.”



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