Samantha Bee Slams Donald Trump And Bigs Up Hillary On 'Full Frontal'

"Let's hope Hillary doesn't get lipstick on her teeth between now and November."

US late night telly host Samantha Bee is back at the helm of ‘Full Frontal’ after spending the week on the floor at the Democratic National Convention - and she brought back some hot takes.

The former ‘Daily Show’ correspondent went through an impressive list of speakers featured at the event in Philadelphia before pointing out how difficult it is for a woman to run for president.

Bee referenced Hillary Clinton’s opinion poll ratings, contrasting her years of experience with Donald Trump’s “lurch into the public spotlight.”

The host then went on to highlight a few gaffes the seemingly untarnishable Trump recently made - “taking a shit on gold star moms while cradling Putin’s sweaty sack” - then imagined the public mockery that would ensue if Hillary so much as got lipstick on her teeth.

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