Samantha Faiers Hailed A 'Role Model' For Posting Bikini Breastfeeding Selfie

'You're showing young mums you can feed and be glam at the same time.'

Samantha Faiers has received more praise for sharing another selfie of herself breastfeeding baby Paul.

The 25-year-old new mum, who posted her first breastfeeding photo on Instagram at the end of March 2016, was pictured laying down in a red bikini by the pool.

Her three-month-old son can be seen laying next to her feeding, with a white cloth covering his face.

"Morning #breastfeeding thankful," Faiers wrote on the snap.

Many were quick to praise the new mum yet again for "normalising breastfeeding" by sharing the photo publicly.

"Loving the fact you're a celeb showing young mums you can feed and be glam at the same time," one commented. "Well done. You're a role model."

Another wrote on the photo: "It's lovely to see a celebrity with a busy lifestyle still able to do it. Keep up the hard work."

Other mums felt nostalgic seeing the photo.

"Beautiful, I spent many days on holiday in this exact position," one person commented.

Another said: "I miss breastfeeding. Enjoy every minute and you'll have these memories to look back on when your journey finishes."

One person pointed out the fact it was "unnecessary" for Faiers to cover up her son's head.

When Faiers shared her first breastfeeding photo at the end of March 2016, she was praised by many on Instagram for proving "women have nothing to be ashamed of".

The new mum has recently been posting photos of her and her boyfriend Paul Knightley's first holiday with their son.

"Our first family holiday, so excited!" Faiers wrote in the caption for the snap below.

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