San Bernardino School Shooting: Three Killed And Two Injured In Murder Suicide Shooting

Three Killed At US School In Murder Suicide

Three people have died and two children are injured in a “murder suicide” shooting at an elementary school in California.

Two adults and a child died and another student was injured in a classroom in North Park Elementary School, San Bernardino at around 10am local time.

The dead are the male shooter, Cedric Anderson, 53 and his wife, Elaine Smith, 53, who was a teacher at the school.

Anderson died from a self-inflicted gunshot, police said.

Local police chief JarrodBurguan tweeted that it was believed to a be a “murder suicide”.

Anderson is believed to have headed directly the classroom where he opened fire.

The students were airlifted to hospital and their condition is critical.

A spokeswoman for the school district told the Associated Press: “We believe the teacher knew who the shooter was.”

Earlier, the local Fire Department said they were on the scene conducting triage and establishing how many victims were there.

News channels showed footage of young children holding hands as they were evacuated from the schools and taken to a local college campus, where parents are heading to pick them up.

The school being evacuated
The school being evacuated

The school has around 600 children aged between five and 10.

The California city is already known for the December 2015 mass shooting where a radicalised couple opened fire on an office Christmas party, killing 14 people.


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