Santa Granted 'Safe Passage' Through Irish Airspace In Heartwarming Video

Ireland's head of government also confirmed that Mr Claus will be arriving on time.
Tanja Ivanova via Getty Images

Ireland’s head of government has confirmed that Santa will indeed be granted safe passage through Irish airspace this Christmas – much to the delight of children everywhere.

The revelation came after politician Cormac Devlin spoke in parliament about there being not many more sleeps until Christmas.

“Many children, having written their letters to Santa, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus,” said Devlin.

“And I know Santa, Mrs Claus and all the elves are very busy making all the presents and the arrangements for them to be delivered across the world.”


Irish government follows tradition by granting safe passage to Santa Claus ahead of Christmas. Read more @sbsnews_au (link in bio) #christmas #news

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He asked their leader: “Can the Taoiseach confirm that arrangements are in place for Santa and the reindeer to enter Irish airspace on Christmas Eve?”

To which the Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, replied: “I wish to confirm, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Santa will be facilitated in terms of access to Irish airspace.”

He added: “And our intelligence is that Santa will arrive duly on time.”

A clip of the exchange was shared on Tiktok where people are praising the government for keeping the magic of Christmas alive with the “sweet” and “wholesome” tradition.

Natalie Morton wrote: “Oh my god it’s adorable that they do this.”

“This is amazing,” said another viewer, “such a simple thing but it means so much to so many.”

It’s not the first time the Irish government have pulled out the stops for Saint Nic.

In 2015, the Irish Aviation Authority granted permission for Santa’s sleigh to enter Irish airspace, while the Minister for Transport at the time, Paschal Donohoe, said “a very large man with a white beard and bright red suit will be operating a low-flying sleigh with eight reindeer being led by one with a big red nose”.

He urged children to be well-behaved and get into bed early with faces washed and teeth cleaned ready for Santa’s arrival.