Fancy A Nibble On Santa’s Yumnut? This New M&S Treat Is Raising Eyebrows

"Exactly how many people signed off on this name?" 🍩
Santa's Yumnuts
Santa's Yumnuts

From the same supermarket kitchen that brought us the infamous Love Sausage comes another intriguingly-named product that is raising plenty of eyebrows and, well, proving our minds are all very much in the gutter.

Marks and Spencer is selling a new festive treat named Santa’s Yumnut, which has met with quite the reaction after its grand unveiling on social media.

The sweet treat is pretty innocent in nature – a yum yum-doughnut hybrid with flaky pastry layers and a sweet Santa’s belt topping.

So far, so delicious.

And perhaps we could forgive the name on its own, but when M&S tweeted a very tongue-in-cheek “Who wants a bite of Santa’s Yumnut?” on November 5, it was too much to handle.

People had thoughts.

There was also a lot of disbelief that the retailer had actually trademarked Yumnut. (It has, FYI.)

For those interested in sampling the ‘Yumnut’, the doughnut hybrid is now ready and waiting in stores and costs £4 for three or £1.50 for one on its own. Bon appetit.