Sarah Michelle Gellar Points Out That Pedro Pascal Was Once On Buffy

The two stars had strong chemistry during a sweet scene in the show's fourth season – but pesky vampires ruined everything.
A photo composite of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Pedro Pascal.
A photo composite of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Pedro Pascal.
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images/Araya Doheny via Getty Images

It seems Sarah Michelle Gellar has filled the Sunday night void that The White Lotus left in her life with The Last Of Us.

Or maybe it’s all the praise Pedro Pascal is receiving for his role as Joel in the HBO hit, but the Scooby Doo star decided to remind everyone that she had once shared the screen with him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sharing an image from the beloved series to Instagram as proof.

A fresh-faced, clean-shaven and distinctly less grizzled Pedro played Eddie, a fleeting – but memorable – character in the fourth season premiere, titled The Freshman.

Joking about both hers and Pedro’s online reputation, Sarah Michelle captioned the post: “When Mother met Father.”

In the 1999 episode, Buffy (Sarah Michelle) feels isolated as she adjusts to college life at the fictional University of California, Sunnydale – until she bumps into Eddie (Pedro) one night while lost on campus.

The two share what seems like a meet-cute as they figure out where they are, and bond over topics like security blankets and a tough professor.

By the end of their sweet interaction, the two find comfort in their shared feeling of being overwhelmed by university life and plan to meet up again.

Buffy appears relieved to finally make a friend, and Eddie looks smitten as she walks away.

However, in the true genre-subverting fashion that the series was known for, Eddie runs into a pack of vampires immediately after his meeting with Buffy, and is turned into one himself.

When Buffy later finds out he has become a bloodsucker, she’s forced to introduce him to her security blanket – Mr. Pointy, her stake – and Eddie is dusted.

Although Buffy goes on to date her most disliked boyfriend of the series, Riley, while at UC Sunnydale, Eddie seemed to make an impact on fans.

A few Reddit threads and message boards have even argued that the character should’ve survived and become Buffy’s college sweetheart due to the actors’ chemistry.


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