the last of us

The Last of Us: Remastered is out for PS4 on July 30th. The original for PS3 is still available. There is almost nothing
One of 2013's best-reviewed games 'The Last Of Us' will be re-released in a remastered form for PS4, it has been confirmed
Zombie action adventure The Last Of Us survived strong competition to win out at the British Academy Games Awards. The brutal
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Ellen Page has accused a video game of 'ripping off' her likeness without her consent. Page is to star alongside Willem Defoe
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In less than a week the gaming world will be focused on the E3 conference and the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PS4
The Last of Us isn't just a game where you run around killing things, it's a game that really makes you think about what to do next. You have very limited resources so just shooting anything and everything will result in using all your valuable resources and that will get you killed.