the last of us

“I’m gonna have a panic attack and I’m gonna leave..."
You never got round to watching these hit shows in the last year – maybe now is finally time.
The hit drama picked up a whopping 24 nominations at the Emmys, just behind leading show Succession.
Showrunner Craig Mazin is spilling the tea on who fans almost saw appear in the popular post-apocalyptic series.
The two actors are known for being besties off screen, after getting to know one another while making The Last Of Us.
"I don’t know whether he’s still loving it," the Last Of Us actor said of their co-star.
“He did save the world,” the actor, who plays Ellie in the hit HBO drama, said.
The wildly popular series recently wrapped up — and Bella is teasing what’s next.
Co-creator Craig Mazin shared that the hit US show nearly wrapped up differently than the game.
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were joined by a host of impressive guest stars over the course of season one.