sarah michelle gellar

"She lives every day and she’s fighting,” the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star said in an interview published on Wednesday.
The Last Of Us star couldn't help but get nostalgic about his time on Buffy.
The two stars had strong chemistry during a sweet scene in the show's fourth season – but pesky vampires ruined everything.
“A week now people have been reminding me,” the Emmy winner said of what irritates her about the show.
“I just don’t want to rewatch it,” the Buffy The Vampire Slayer star admitted of a controversial storyline.
Selma Blair, who has multiple sclerosis, is stepping away from “Dancing With the Stars” to take care of her health.
"I think you owe us," the actor, who is celebrating 20 years with husband Freddie Prinze Jr., wrote on her Instagram.
Sarah Michelle Gellar also said she didn’t want to be “forever associated” with the director as he faced new allegations of abusive behaviour.