06/10/2017 11:07 BST | Updated 06/10/2017 11:23 BST

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Suffers Indignity Of Golden Escalator Breaking Down

SO embarrassing.

If you’re going to enter the country via a golden escalator you’re going to turn heads, so you’d better hope there are no embarrassing glitches like the one the King of Saudi Arabia suffered on Thursday.

King Salman had arrived in Moscow for a state visit, exiting his private plane as usual, on the custom-made glittering escalator.

His stately glide began without incident, but saw the monarch grind to an undignified halt halfway down.

King Salman disembarking a plane in Moscow via his gold escalator 

After a few seconds of confusion, the 81-year-old gathered his robes around him and nobly opted to finish his journey on foot and unaided.

King Salman, who is worth a reputed $17billion, was in Russia to discuss cooperation on oil production and their differences over Syria and Iran. 

In 2015 the Saudi King’s 1,000 person entourage caused consternation on the French Riviera by sealing off a beach to ensure his privacy during a three-week holiday. 

A slab of concrete was also poured directly onto the sand so as to install a temporary lift to transport the king directly from his villa to the beach.