31/01/2019 11:42 GMT

Schools Are Announcing Their Snow Days In Epic Musical Style

Because you gotta have faith, faith, faith (that the big freeze won't last forever).

How does your child’s school let you know it’s closed because of snow? Text message, perfunctory email or a notice on the website? Mine too. 

Well, schools around the UK might have to rethink the way they do things if they want to keep up with headteachers across the pond, as schools in the US have announced closures in epic, musical style. 

And the surprising thing about them is... they’re actually pretty good. 

The best of the bunch, we think, is a three-minute rendition of Leonard Cohen’s haunting ballad ‘Hallelujah’, sung by two school administrators in Michigan. 

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The video, posted on on Monday, has been viewed more than a million times, and features Principal Jim Kitchen and Superintendent Ben Mainka, who work at a school in Swartz Creek.

We couldn’t stop watching – especially when the pair don sunglasses as they really get into their rewritten version of the classic song. 

Meanwhile, in Missouri, school administrator Brett Hoesing is getting a reputation for his remixes to announce snow days. A week ago, he released his version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’s ‘Uptown Funk’.

“It makes our kids smile, and it makes the community smile, and our parents smile,” he said.

And when schools had to be closed again due to the weather, he made another one – George Michael’s ‘Faith’, to be exact. 

Meanwhile, over in Massachusetts, high school principal Brian McCann made an epic video titled ‘All That Snow’ – a rewritten version of Liza Minnelli’s ‘All That Jazz’, complete with fake snow and backing dancers.

That snow day text suddenly seems pretty dry, doesn’t it?