14/03/2017 12:34 GMT | Updated 14/03/2017 14:59 GMT

What Would The UK Be Called Without Scotland? Have Your Say In Our Poll

'UK Hun?'

After Nicola Sturgeon’s pledge to give Scotland another vote on independence on Monday, many realised that we may not be known as the “United Kingdom” for too much longer.

Speaking in Edinburgh on Monday morning, Scotland’s first minister said she wanted the vote to be held between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019.

Sturgeon said she will next week ask the Scottish Parliament to approve the necessary Section 30 order from Westminster.

Jeff Spicer via Getty Images
Nicola Sturgeon is demanding another referendum on Scottish independence

There are, of course, many questions about what would happen if Scotland does vote to leave the union - what currency would they use? Would there be a hard border? Would they rejoin the European Union if Brexit was complete?

But perhaps the biggest question of all is about terminology.

Will we have to endure a horrific Brexit-style portmanteau?

There were also a range of ideas floated for what the not-so-UK would be known as.

We’ve rounded up some of the best (and worst) - have your say on what it should be called with our upvote-downvote poll here.