Sean Spicer Holds Press Conference With Food Stuck In His Teeth

'Makes it hard to absorb today's WH misinformation.'

During his daily press briefing on Monday, Sean Spicer covered a range of incredibly important topics - healthcare, Russia (again) and whether or not a white man murdering someone specifically because they’re black is a hate crime (it is).

But the one topic on everyone’s lips was the mysterious goo lodged in the press secretary’s teeth.

What was it? Spinach? Kale? Lettuce?

It caused such a ruckus even Jim Carrey chipped in.

One thing is for sure, Saturday Night Live are going to have a field day.

You can watch the press briefing here.

Teeth aside, Spicer did cover some actual issues, such as Jared Kushner being questioned over his ties to Russia.

The White House says that President Donald Trump’s son-in-law was “doing his job” by reaching out to foreign officials, the Associated Press reported.

Spicer said Monday that there was nothing “nefarious” about Kushner’s contacts with foreign leaders during the campaign and transition since it was the job he was tasked to do.

Kushner is one of Trump’s top advisers who the president has entrusted, in part, with holding talks with foreign leaders.

Spicer says that “based on the media frenzy” surrounding contacts Trump associates have made with Russian officials in particular, Kushner “volunteered” to be interviewed by the Senate committee about arranging meetings with the Russian ambassador and other officials.

Spicer says “that was part of his role and he executed it completely as he was supposed to”.


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