Secret Santa Gifts For Under £5 - As Reviewed By HuffPost Finds

We give honest responses to Secret Santa presents

Buying for your secret Santa, especially at work, is often the most difficult Christmas shop of the season. With only a shoestring budget to work with, it can feel impossible to buy something thoughtful – even if you really know the person you’re buying for.

So to save you time and the fear you’ve got it all wrong and now your giftee is massively offended, HuffPost has reviewed a selection of £5 gifts – perhaps the most difficult price category to buy for. We asked our writers to share their honest opinions if they were to receive these gifts, so you can go forth and make smart purchases.

Festive Fashion

Green Tassel Earrings, Lindex, £4.99

As gifted to: Amy, Lifestyle writer

OMG these are so me. These are such great earrings for the festive season so I’d probably be wearing them about five days a week for the rest of the year if I’d got them in secret Santa. I love the dark wintery colour, and they’re great for dressing up a plain outfit for festive events. The tassels aren’t TOO bold, I think; they’re sleek and subtle.

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Lie Back And Relax

Garnier Moisture Bomb Chamomile Hydrating Face Sheet Mask, Superdrug, £2.99

As gifted to: Vicky, Lifestyle editor

I’m a fan of a sheet mask so I’d quite like this as a secret Santa gift. It’s better than more tat to clutter up the house, and there’s something a bit treat-y about a face product. I wonder if this mask is quite treat-y enough for a gift, but on a fairly limited budget, I’d rather something predictable than something that’s going to burn my face off but has nice packaging. (I wouldn’t take offence at the idea my skin would benefit from a mask btw. I’m nearly 40 – of course it would).

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Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women, Amazon, £4

As gifted to: Lucy, Deputy Blogs Editor

I’d be delighted to open this as a present. The first thing that strikes me is the book is beautifully packaged. It’s smaller than your regular paperback so perfect to slot in your handbag and fish out while you’re on the tube. Most importantly, it’s a really interesting subject and something you could refer back to when needed. It would make a great secret Santa present.

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Custom Creation

Alphabet Tote Bag, Marks & Spencer, £5

As gifted to: Natasha, Lifestyle Writer

As someone who has oodles of totes stashed in a cupboard at home, this gift would probably not make it onto my best secret Santa gifts of all time list. That said, it’s got a cute design and I do love an alphabet print as it’s a bit more personal. I don’t think I’d be angry if someone bought me this.

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Sweet Treats

Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Tesco, £2

As gifted to: Sophie, Lifestyle Writer

As a lover of chocolate oranges I would be fairly pleased with this as a gift. Although having said that, I’d probably try and share it around as I already have a mountain of chocolate on my desk and at home. It’s the kind of present you know has come from someone who had good intentions but either A) has no idea who you are or B) ran out of time and had to raid their fridge at home before they left for work this morning.

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Put A Ring On It

Sass & Belle Ring Holder, ASOS, £5

As gifted to: Louise, Lifestyle Writer

Given that I lose almost every piece of jewellery I’ve ever owned, this colourful ring holder would definitely come in handy. When I manage to hold onto my jewellery, I like it on display so that I remember to wear it, before inevitably losing it, so this is right up my street.

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Wool Blend Gloves, H&M, £3.99

As gifted to: Louise, Lifestyle writer

Boring but essential, gloves are not exactly thrilling but they’d definitely be put to use and would be a welcome layer when it gets chilly. I’d keep these in my drawer at work just in case the weather took a turn before I left the office.

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Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Harmonious Hands Restoring Gift Set, Champneys, £5

As gifted to Rachel, Lifestyle Writer

I am so into this as a secret Santa gift! I went to a Champneys spa for the first time last year and have been periodically checking their site for sales ever since. Who knew you could get a little slice of luxury for a fiver?! It’s also scented with English chamomile, and my colleagues know me as the grandma who always drinks chamomile tea come 4pm – it seems pretty fitting. My one caution would be around getting this for a colleague with sensitive skin, because as someone with easily-irritated eczema, I tend to stick to unscented products. That said, I’d risk it for a biscuit - I can’t imagine Champneys’ products are filled with anything too harsh.

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