06/02/2019 12:03 GMT

Selfridges Is Selling Suit Bags Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Each bag is made using up to 12 used plastic bottles ♻️

If you’re flush enough to shop at Selfridges, we have good news for you – the high-end retailer is now selling clothes in bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

Shoppers buying dresses, suits and coats in any Selfridges store will now receive them in the new eco-friendly bags, according to Business Green. 

Each bag is made using up to 12 used plastic bottles, and Selfridges estimates more than 220,000 bottles will be transformed in the first six months. 

The bags are made by a company called Jutexpo, which specialises in turning recycled plastic bottles into fabric. 

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icenando via Getty Images

“Selfridges is delighted to support new innovation that slows plastic pollution – and this garment bag is a great way of sharing this message with our customers and brand partners,” Daniella Vega, Selfridges sustainability director, said. 

In the UK, we slurp though more than seven billion bottles of water every year, but most of us simply chuck them in the bin. Worryingly, many of those bottles are made from so-called “virgin” plastic, which means they don’t contained recycled materials. But experts have told HuffPost UK a clear plastic bottle can be recycled several times.

Companies are starting to make small changes to combat plastic pollution, though. Last year, five Tesco stores trialled a plastic bottle return scheme, where customers could return a maximum of 10 bottles each day in exchange for 10p each.