Senegal And Japan Football Fans Celebrate By Helping Clean Up Stadiums After Match

Good work.

Senegalese and Japanese football fans have been praised for clearing up the football stadium after matches had ended on Tuesday.

Even though their teams had both won their matches – Senegal against Poland, while Japan beat Colombia – fans from both teams chose to stay behind (delaying the all important celebrations) to help clear their seating areas of rubbish and debris.

Fans have praised their actions, with one Twitter user stating: “This shouldn’t be ignored. I know for a fact I wouldn’t stay to clean up.”

Japanese fans brought plastic bags with them, in preparation for a cleanup after the match against Colombia, according to The Independent.

Japan-based football journalist Scott McIntyre told the BBC that this kind of conscious behaviour is “not just part of football culture, but part of Japanese culture”.

Good work, everyone.