Military Dog Receives Prestigious Medal For Bravery, Eats It Instead

He's still a cutie.

A British Military dog named Mali has been awarded the prestigious PDSA Dickin Medal for bravery, but the pup appears to be unfazed by his achievements.

In a funny moment caught on camera by BBC Radio 4′s ‘Today’ programme, Mali decided to chew his medal, which is the highest military accolade any animal can receive.

Mali, who is a Belgian Malinois, received the medal on Friday for saving lives in 2012 during a mission on behalf of the Special Boat Service in Afghanistan.

The brave pup was hit by three grenade blasts during his mission, but despite his injuries, continued to gallantly detect explosives to lead the team along the safest route possible.

He’s also been credited with sniffing out the enemy to help the British Military secure the stronghold.

But judging by the cute videos of him playing on Twitter, he’s still a softy at heart.

Jan McLoughlin, director general of the veterinary charity PDSA, explained why Mali received the prestigious award, which is seen as the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross.

“Despite sustaining quite horrendous injuries, he absolutely stayed by his handler’s side and forged forward with them to help them carry out their duty. It’s that gallantry and devotion to duty that we are recognising,” he told The Telegraph.

What a good dog he is.

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