Seth Meyers Hits Trump For Boring Rally Crowd With 'Same Old Incoherent Nonsense'

The Late Night host said Trump's crowd "wasn’t exactly electrified" by hearing the same old gripes.

Seth Meyers is thrilled to have an audience back in the studio, but he’s hoping it will be a little more enthusiastic than Donald Trump’s crowd in Iowa on Saturday.

The Late Night host torched the former president for “repeating the same deranged lies about the election that he’s been repeating for months and yet even his own crowd wasn’t exactly electrified by hearing the same old incoherent nonsense over and over again.”

Meyers suggested that Trump should try going into lockdown and do remote shows.

“You could borrow my attic,” he quipped.

“Also, I love the cutaways to sullen Trump fans just standing there in silence like tourists watching one of those gold statue guys in Times Square,” Meyers added. ”‘So is he gonna like, do something?’ And you can tell Trump was waiting for a crowd reaction, too. I mean, look at him. It’s like watching an open mic night at the Senior Center.”