'Don't Be That Guy': Police Scotland Launches Powerful New Campaign To Tackle Sexual Violence

Finally, an initiative that aims to change how men – not women – behave.
Police Scotland's powerful new campaign tackles sexual violence
Police Scotland's powerful new campaign tackles sexual violence
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Police Scotland have launched a chilling new campaign video which aims to tackle sexual violence against women by changing the way men act.

Released on Tuesday, the initiative called ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ addresses the common behaviours that often make women feel uncomfortable.

A series of male actors talk to the camera and ask, “ever called a girl ‘doll’?”, “stared at a woman on a bus” or “said to your mate, ‘I’d do that’”.

It challenges the way some men give women a compliment “and then wonder why they didn’t get a thank you”, send unsolicited nudes or “guilt-trip women” into thinking they owe men something.

Other actors in the video ask: “You ever get her three shots in a row, hoping you’d get a shot of her?

“Then what? Bundled her wasted into a taxi, and took her back to yours?”

“Most guys don’t look in the mirror and see a problem,” the video concludes, “but it’s staring us in the face. Sexual violence begins long before you think it does. #DontBeThatGuy.”

The campaign comes on the back of growing concerns about women’s safety in the UK.

The kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a then-serving police officer has heightened worries that women can no longer trust the police force.

The Metropolitan Police’s reaction in recent weeks has only made this worse, as officers recommended women “flag down buses” if they were afraid of an officer, or ring the police to check if someone was a certified officer.

The government has also refused to make misogyny a hate crime.

Deputy prime minister Dominic Raab later found himself in hot water when he failed to define what misogyny actually means.

Police Scotland’s campaign has seen an overwhelmingly positive response online – including from Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon – as men are finally being asked to consider their own behaviour when it comes to male sexual entitlement.

Don’t Be That Guy has explained: “We want to reduce sexual violence. We want women to feel safer.

“Guys: we can make a real difference by taking a hard look at our attitudes and behaviour, at home, at work and socialising with our mates.”

Help and support:

  • Rape Crisis services for women and girls who have been raped or have experienced sexual violence - 0808 802 9999
  • Survivors UK offers support for men and boys - 0203 598 3898

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