Fitspo Couple Sharny And Julius Gain Weight In Bid To Lose It Again To Prove Their Fitness Programs Work

They aim to return to their original weight in eight weeks time.

An Australian couple who launched the FitMum and FitDad fitness programs have gained weight together in a bid to lose it all again - and prove their programs really work.

Sharny and Julius Kieser, from Queensland, Australia, have gained thousands of fans after posting their fitness transformations on Facebook.

Following their first successful fitness transformation, which gained them such a huge following, the pair have piled on the pounds once more in a bid to lose it all again by following their own workout plans.

Julius, 35, shared a video on the couple’s Facebook page where he explained that when the pair started out in the fitness industry, they vowed to “never talk s***t to anyone, never lie and always provide transparency”.

“We have seen fake people teaching people how to look a certain way even though they aren’t doing it that way,” he explained. “So Sharn and I have gotten nice and fat for ourselves.”

The couple previously authored the books ‘Never Diet Again’ and ‘FITlosophy’, prompting others to “escape the diet trap” and focus instead on building fit and healthy bodies.

Now, in the name of “transparency” they’ve piled on the pounds to prove their fitness methods genuinely work.

Sharny, 36, explained on Facebook that the pair will be following two different programs - FitMum and FitDad - over eight weeks to return their bodies to the way they were.

“My goal is 55kgs,” Sharny said. “So about 13kgs to lose.”

Sharny's fitness transformation the first time.
Sharny's fitness transformation the first time.
Sharny before gaining weight and now.
Sharny before gaining weight and now.

Meanwhile Julius, who now weighs 109.3kgs, hopes to weigh less than 100kgs in two months time.

The pair gorged on junk food to increase their weight and admitted that they’d both gotten to the point where it had become “addictive”.

“We now know that we have gotten into that dangerous place of eating because we’re not just eating to get fat we’ve actually really enjoyed it,” said Julius in one of their videos.

Julius' fitness transformation the first time.
Julius' fitness transformation the first time.
Julius now, after gaining weight again.
Julius now, after gaining weight again.

The couple said they plan to cut sugar and junk food from their diets going forward, but admit that it’s going to be incredibly difficult.

“We really wanted to go back into the FitMum and FitDad programs as realistically as possible for people,” said Julius. “We’re both now heavily addicted to sugar and junk food.

“Today is our first day on the program again, and we’ve both been thinking about junk food all day.”

The FitMum program, which Sharny will be doing, involves short, sharp workouts for busy mums to do at home (no equipment necessary) as well as healthy meal ideas.

Meanwhile the FitDad program comprises eight weeks worth of short, intense workouts as well as meal ideas.

Both plans offer access to over 100 videos of “workouts, diets, exercises and mindset stuff”.

You can follow their progress via their Facebook page.

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