02/08/2017 14:42 BST | Updated 03/08/2017 09:44 BST

Parents Accuse Silver Cross Of Being 'In The Dark Ages' With Their 'Play Like Mum' Toy Range

Do you think it is sexist?

This article has been updated, Silver Cross told HuffPost UK: “Play Like Mum is an independent trading company which is licensed to manufacture dolls prams bearing the Silver Cross brand name and has no further connection with Silver Cross or any of its subsidiaries. Their business operations are independent and distinct from the leading British nursery brand and therefore Silver Cross has no influence on the marketing activity executed by the Play Like Mum business.

Parents have called out Silver Cross over the “sexist” marketing of their ‘Play Like Mum’ toy range.

The brand, which was founded in 1877, is now selling a range of mini Silver Cross doll prams, that are exact replicas of the real thing, so that children can copy their “mum”. 

An official blog on the company’s website said: “Our aim is to help children ‘play like mum’ and we believe that real life play offers huge benefits to little ones - our dolls prams do just that.”

There is no mention of male figures also pushing babies in prams.

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The products, which went on sale on 1 August, are aimed at children aged between three and seven-years-old.

Silver Cross hase been accused of being sexist and promoting outdated gender stereotypes, by suggesting that only mothers raise children.

Tricia Lowther, from Let Toys Be Toys, told HuffPost UK: “The new range sells children an archaic view of parenting.

“The focus on girls and their mothers not only leaves out little boys who love to play with dolls, and dads who take an active role in parenting, but the images used by the campaign, such as girls and women in pink dressing gowns doing each others makeup, sends the message that childcare and beauty is what women are all about.

“We were dismayed to see such an outdated campaign when more recent toy industry trends have acknowledged that splitting toys up into separate girls and boys ranges puts limits on children and promotes harmful stereotypes.”

Using the hashtag #likemotherlikedaughter to promote the product on social media, Silver Cross has come under fire from lots of parents.

Some parents have also shared photographs of their sons playing with prams and dolls, and their own fathers pushing them in a pram, suggesting that the campaign should have included boys as well. 

Others have also shared pictures of working mums suggesting that they do want their children to #playlikemum if it means they can have choices to be and do whatever they want. 

And others have suggested a better name for the campaign.