Sky's Adam Boulton Accidentally Says 'Erection' While Talking About Brexit

Oh no...

Adam Boulton made a rather rude mistake while discussing a front page headline about Brexit on All Out Politics on Tuesday morning.

The Sky News presenter was was trying to read out the headline: “Wall Street rally ups Brexit-like election risk”.

But unfortunately it didn’t quite come out right...

Yes, you heard that correctly, he said “erection”.

The story actually concerned the warning that the US market could be in for a shock similar to the one which hit the British following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union earlier this year.

The USA Today Money story said that the US presidential election appeared to have some of the same traits as the EU referendum.

It said: “It’s possible, some Wall Street experts say, noting that the too-close-to-call US election has many of the same traits as the Brexit vote, namely polls that may not be totally trustworthy, a populist movement and angry electorate, and investors that are betting mainly on their base case: in this case, a Clinton win and a split Congress.”


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