Beth Rigby's Sweary Chase Of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt On Sky News Was Better Than A Carry On Film

But did she get her phone back?

In a day of high-stakes political drama, reporters covering fast-unfolding events in Westminster would be forgiven for losing their minds, let alone their phones.

It was no surprise then that an intrepid Sky News reporter managed to drop let out the word “shit” as she comically chased Jeremy Hunt out of Downing Street after dropping her phone.

Viewers were treated to the slip-up by Beth Rigby, a much-hailed reporter stationed outside Downing Street presenting Sky’s on-the-ground coverage of today’s major cabinet reshuffle.

'Shit I’ve lost my phone': JeremyHunt was pursued by cameracrews and reporters
'Shit I’ve lost my phone': JeremyHunt was pursued by cameracrews and reporters
Sky News

She had attempted to question Hunt minutes after it was revealed he would remain in post as health secretary, despite earlier reports to the contrary.

But running across Whitehall after the minister, Rigby suddenly realised she couldn’t find her mobile, commenting audibly: “Shit, I’ve lost my phone.”

Back at No.10, host Adam Boulton was forced to step in quickly and apologise to viewers.

Boulton said the expletive could have come from a 'passer-by'
Boulton said the expletive could have come from a 'passer-by'
Sky News

“So, er, we’re seeing images of Jeremy Hunt being chased around Whitehall. I apologise for any bad language which you may have heard. I’m sure you didn’t hear it from Jeremy Hunt, but possibly from passers-by,” Boulton said.

Viewers poked fun at the gaffe, at the same time praising Rigby for her otherwise faultless coverage of the busy day’s events.

The scene at the Downing Street gates is currently Exit, pursued by a Beth (Rigby)...

— Dylan Sharpe (@dylsharpe) July 14, 2016

.@bethrigby is giving me life.

— Ellie Gellard (@BevaniteEllie) July 14, 2016

@BethRigby has taken the @SkyNews coverage of the reshuffle to new heights. Fantastic journalist and gets them talking. Good in a scrum too

— LatchmereHouse Trust (@LatchmereTrust) July 14, 2016

Quite enjoyed watching @BethRigby shout 'Education? Education? EDUCATION?' at Liz Truss #skynews

— Owen Bennett (@owenjbennett) July 14, 2016

Rigby herself had posted a picture near the gates into Downing Street, where many promoted ministers entered and exited the prime minister’s official residence.

Outside No 10 waiting to see who turns up for a job in May's #newgovernment

— Beth Rigby (@BethRigby) July 14, 2016

For others, the gaffe was the “highlight” of today’s coverage.

Highlight of Sky coverage@BethRigby chasing Hunt and exclaiming 'Oh shit I've lost my phone' !!

— Tony McNulty (@Tony_McNulty) July 14, 2016

@BethRigby "Shit I've dropped my phone" best report all morning!!!😂😂😂😂😂

— woody (@nomoneyforbeer) July 14, 2016

Sky's @BethRigby is compelling reshuffle viewing. She's hilarious.

— Alice Cookson (@Alice_Cookson) July 14, 2016

@SophyRidgeSky @adamboultonSKY @BethRigby - Beth is comedy gold, Adam just acting like Adam & Sophy's looking like Adam's about to lose it!!

— Mark Thompson (@thompsonic) July 14, 2016

While one concerned user hoped Rigby’ phone was alright.

@BethRigby have you found your phone?

— Andy Smith (@smiff_andy) July 14, 2016

Hunt’s continued role leading the Department of Health came as a raft of ministers under the previous Cameron administration were sacked.

Michael Gove, John Whittingdale and Nicky Morgan were among those dropped from the cabinet.

Justine Greening, Liz Truss and Philip Hammond have been promoted from their previous ministerial positions.



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