20 Bathroom Storage Solutions That Will Work In Even The Smallest Spaces

Make the most of your tiny downstairs loo or compact bathroom with these space-saving buys.
All the slimline, compact, and clever storage solutions you'll need for your small bathroom
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All the slimline, compact, and clever storage solutions you'll need for your small bathroom

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Far more than just a room for bathing and doing your business, the bathroom should ideally be the place you also store all toiletries, cosmetics, and spare towels, too. But if (like me) you’re living with a smaller-than-average restroom, this can feel pretty impossible.

Whether you’re dealing with a dinky downstairs loo, or a family bathroom that’s really lacking square footage, this selection of storage solutions will help you make the most out of the space. And best of all, I’ve made sure that as many as possible are suitable for renters.

Save space around the sink by storing your toothbrushes in wall-mounted caddies
Especially useful if you’ve got a stand-alone pedestal sink, these self-adhesive caddies are a perfect alternative for toothbrush and mouthwash storage.
Or even get these special holders designed specifically for electric toothbrushes
And for those with clunky electric toothbrushes, these auto-lock holders are another great option. They come with adhesive pads for easy installation, and you get two in a pack.
Pick stackable storage options where possible in order to maximise vertical space
Great for both under-sink cupboards and bathroom countertops, these chic and stackable see-through drawers are great for organising toiletries and products — without taking up too much precious space.
If you’re super light on available floor space, go for a long and slim tallboy unit
Boasting three adjustable wooden shelves, a storage cupboard, and a decorative open shelf space, this slender unit is just what you need if you’ve got a very narrow bathroom to work with.
Or if you’d prefer open shelving, this adjustable unit would work really well
Similarly, this shelving unit takes up minimal floor space, and also lets you show off your products. Its shelves are all adjustable — but it does need to be fixed to the wall.
Use a stylish bamboo rack to display your favourite scrubs and bath salts
As well as making those long soaks even more luxurious, bath racks are great for also storing some of those spa-like items like bath salts, sugar scrubs, and face masks.
Make the most of all space with this narrow trolley that’ll fit neatly behind the door
With its slimline design, this little trolley won’t get in the way if discreetly stored behind the door. It’s got three tiers, has wheels that completely rotate, and comes in three different colours.
Save cupboard space by hanging spare towels over the back of the bathroom door
If you’ve got a cupboard in the bathroom, then don’t waste that precious space by stacking up your bulky towels. Instead, fold them over the rails of this over-the-door organiser.
Or roll them up and display them on this tiered wall-mounted towel rack
Don’t mind getting the drill out? Then install this sleek wall-mounted towel rack, neatly roll each towel, and slot them through the matt black rails.
Slot this in right next to the loo and use it for spare loo rolls and sanitary products
Affordable and lightweight, this four-tiered wire caddy is a great semi-permanent storage solution, and is likely to fit nicely right next to the toilet.
Install a shelving unit or cabinet in the space beneath a pedestal sink
If you’ve got a pedestal sink, then picking a freestanding unit to go around and under it will instantly give you more storage space to work with.
Double your countertop or cupboard space with this tiered organiser
I actually have this, and it’s been a gamechanger for ensuring there’s enough space on our small bathroom countertop for both mine and my boyfriend’s toiletries.
Swap out the bog-standard shower curtain for one with storage pockets
Far more useful than your traditional shower curtain, this see-through vinyl one also has nine mesh pockets for storing your favourite products and personal care items.
Or affix this chic double basket organiser instead if you’ve got a shower screen
As someone who rotates between various different types of shampoo and conditioner, I am always in need of some overflow shower storage space. So, I’ve definitely got my eye on this stylish organiser that hooks over the shower screen, for storing all my extra products.
Install an over-the-loo storage unit in order to maximise all possible space
This clever shelving unit fits perfectly over your typical toilet, doesn’t need to be fixed to the wall, and has three ample shelves for you to work with.
Use these self-adhesive acrylic shelves to display your best-looking bottles
If you’re lacking in countertop or cupboard space, then why not make a feature out of your most beautiful bottles? These two self-adhesive shelves are perfect for the job — and best of all, they can be fitted without using any nails.
And pop any extra lotions and potions on this slimline bamboo caddy
But the chances are a couple of small wall shelves aren’t capable of housing all your products, so use this slimline caddy to store the rest. It’ll fit in any small gaps, and could even be hidden behind the bathroom door.
Get extra storage out of your cupboard with an over-the-door basket
Simple yet effective, this basket hooks over the door of any cabinet, and will provide a handy extra spot for storage in your bathroom.
Install this telescopic caddy if you’ve got bottles cluttering up the edge of your tub
If you’ve been blessed with a bath, then chances are the rim of your tub is cluttered with tubes and bottles. The perfect solution, this telescopic rod can be fully adjusted to suit your space, is super stable, and has four oversized shelves, and four mini hooks.
Or if you’ve got a compact shower cubicle, save space with these corner shelves
For those tiny shower cubicles that have barely any room for movement, I’d recommend going for some self-adhesive corner shelves like these bestselling ones.