A Box Full Of Live Snakes Was Dumped Outside A Vet’s Surgery

The RSPCA says nine corn snakes were found in a plastic box in Frome, Somerset.
PA Media: UK News

A box of nine live snakes was dumped outside a vet’s surgery with the RSPCA warning the reptiles were put at risk of dehydration.

The charity is appealing for information after corn snakes were found in a plastic container in Frome, Somerset, on Saturday morning.

The reptiles were in “reasonable condition despite being dehydrated”, according to RSPCA inspector Hayley Lawrence, and have been placed in temporary homes.

PA Media: UK News

She added: “It is never acceptable to dump an animal. If people are struggling to look after their pets, there are many charities and organisations who are able to help.

“Reptiles have very specific needs such as heating and it is lucky these snakes were found when they were.”

The snakes will be rehomed if no owner comes forward in two weeks.

The RSPCA, which says it rescued 298 abandoned snakes last year, is asking anyone with information to call 0300 123 8018.


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