Leader Ed Davey really does enjoy a mock cannon firing orange confetti and its message for the Tories.
Dozens of people have been injured in Bridgwater, Somerset, as local police force received more than 100 reports of road-related incidents in five hours.
Caught on camera, it's the first baby beaver to be born on the moor for 400 years.
Firefighters have warned the public to stay away from the "extremely dangerous" blaze.
Claudia Waddams later found her local drive-in test centre was deserted – and had tests available.
John Zurick suffered what were believed to be self-inflicted injuries after incident at Somerset cottage.
The RSPCA says nine corn snakes were found in a plastic box in Frome, Somerset.
Ex-foreign secretary slammed for "pattern of behaviour".
He is the first to complete the 21,000 mile journey on one wheel.