So THAT's When It's Going To Snow This Year

Snow angels at the ready...
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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Yep — us too. But, when will it snow in the UK this Christmas? Or, will we have to wait until March?

Well, according to the Met Office, it all depends on where you live.

Living close the the coast means snow is unlikely to happen unless things get very chilly. This is because air temperatures are affected by things like ocean currents. They can make it feel warmer, and therefore snow isn’t likely to form — though it’s not impossible.

If you’re a good way above sea level, then the likelihood of snow is higher — again, this is because of temperatures and microclimates.

Mountaintops are often dusted with icing-sugar-like smatterings of the white stuff, but that doesn’t mean snow is a guarantee.

For snow to form, there needs to be a cold temperature and enough moisture in the air. These two combined make the perfect conditions for snow to fall. This is why we see those frosty mountain peaks, even in the sunshine. It’s cold enough for the snow to form and for it to withstand the sun’s rays.

There are other factors at play that make predicting when it’s going to snow difficult. Things like wind direction, heavy rain and where cold air meets warm. It’s a science, but not an exact one, which is why things can change as frequently as hour by hour.

So, when is it likely to snow in the UK this year?

Very, very soon. But, not everywhere.

The Met Office reported via their YouTube channel that the weather is expected to drop rapidly after this weekend, especially in the north of the country.

Northern Scotland can expect frost to begin settling from Friday night through to Saturday, with a sprinkling of snow in parts.

Met Office Meteorologist meteorologist Aidan McGivern said, “For the start of Saturday, we keep the cold conditions at first across parts of Central and Eastern Scotland, so there will be a touch of frost in the northeast of Scotland and some snowflakes over the hills and mountains, as the rain bumps into that cold air.”

But, for the rest of us, it’s looking like a lot of wind and rain with temperatures dropping from next week onwards.

James Madden from Exacta Weather told The Mirror that it’s likely we’ll be seeing snow in parts of the UK and warned that we’re in for some “wintery blasts” from late November into December, but it could turn milder later.

So, will it be a white Christmas?

Welp! There are no guarantees, other than it’s looking like we’re in for a cold one, then maybe a warm one?

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