Aspiring Makeup Artist's Dad Supports Him In The Most Badass Way

Contour on point.

Get ready, because you're about to see some serious parenting (and contour/highlight) goals.

Aspiring makeup artist Spencer Claus, from Arizona, USA, is quickly becoming an internet sensation for his flawless beauty looks, and on Father's Day he decided to make over his dad.

Claus' father Scot was perfectly happy to have his face beat to perfection by his talented son, celebrating his new look in a series of identical selfies.

Claus posted the photos on Twitter, and basically everyone wanted their dad to be as cool as Scot too.

The 16-year-old also shared more hilarious self-made memes and brilliant posts, like the below - proving that makeup is most definitely for everyone.

Sadly not all of us have that steady a hand with lip liner though.