This Couple Broke Up Via Spotify Playlists And It's All So 2017

This Couple Broke Up Via Spotify Playlists And It's All So 2017

Breakups are the worst. No one enjoys the awkward talk, the uncomfortable silences or the possibility of an actual fight.

But one woman found a way to avoid all that when cutting someone loose. Kirsten Titus, a 19-year-old student at Brigham Young University, utilized Spotify’s playlist sharing feature to break up with fellow student Wyatt Hall.

Her playlist was sent with a special message spelled out in the song titles:

“I think the both of us were starting to feel like we were better off as friends, so I figured the best way to express this was via a funny and creative way, mirroring the kind of relationship we had,” Titus told The Huffington Post.

The pair weren’t seriously dating and had a light-hearted relationship, Titus said. And even though her younger sister Erika posted the story on Twitter, setting Hall up for possible public humiliation, he was a good sport.

“I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was hilarious since we are mostly just friends,” Hall told HuffPost.

The tweet was shared nearly 8,000 times, and Hall was pretty excited when he saw the reaction ― he and his own sister have a little rivalry going for who enjoys the most social media love. He finally beat the 150 likes she’d been lording over him.

He even posted a playlist of his own, because if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Most Twitter responders loved the dueling playlists and praised Titus’ creativity, even offering a few song suggestions. She did receive some backlash for her unconventional communication method, but Hall insists it was all in fun and Titus is a “really nice girl.”

Public sympathy seems to be working for him, anyway. One user took a moment to flirt with the newly single 20-year-old.

It seems every generation brings a new and ridiculous method of breaking up with someone. Remember when e-mail breakups were a thing?

Music is great for expression, though, and Titus’ tactics have people communicating all types of emotions ― including hangry.

“I appreciate all the people who are taking this light-heartedly and see the fun in it,” she said.

What a trendsetter.


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