Spring Cleaning: Ready For A Spruce? Let Us Help

Minky cloths at the ready people!

Spring has arrived, and today might be the day to spend time decluttering, dusting and no longer ignoring the grime that’s been accumulating on the skirting boards all winter.

Whether you’re a Marie Kondo fangirl or a dedicated follower of Mrs Hinch, now is the time to take some of their tips and tricks to make the whole ordeal a little easier – and less boring, let’s be honest – to get your home spick and span.

Who knows, maybe it will even be good for your mental health?

The Tools

Before you get started you might want to stock up on supplies. HuffPost Finds tested minky cloths (made famous by the aforementioned ‘cleanfluencer’ Mrs Hinch), and even our sceptical reporter became a convert to cleaning with them.

You might also want to buy storage boxes if space is at a premium (where isn’t it) and you want to streamline some cupboards and other storage spaces.

If you’re putting winter clothes away for a few months, maybe consider vacuum bags so you know they’re not getting dusty and moth-eaten under the bed?

The Tactics

Once you have your supplies in hand, write a list of the spots that you’re going to tackle before diving in head first, exhausting yourself and then not being able to finish the job (... we know how it goes).

Be aware that many places around the house are often neglected in a big clean: think kitchen cabinets (sticky), dog bowls and kids’ toys. All that spit, people.

And if you’re living in a flat share you might want to brief yourself on the proper etiquette – there is nothing more annoying than washing up someone else’s dirty plates (again) because they don’t seem to notice them.

The Inspo

If you plan on channeling Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo and removing anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ in your wardrobe, then we’ve parsed this full-proof guide to getting rid of the floordrobe situation.

Even Marie’s three-year old kid is a folding fan – watch her go here.

Remember – anything you do throw away shouldn’t be going in the bin. It can go to a local charity shop or to a recycling clothes bank. If you need to know why, here’s a little info on what your fast fashion habit costs the environment.

If you’re so inclined you can also Kondo your kitchen and your make-up bag – with plenty of ways to be keen and stay green at the same time.

Happy cleaning!