Stacey Solomon Gives An Insight Into Life With Son Rex: 'We Have No Routine Whatsoever'

"The best thing I’ve found is to go entirely on what Rex wants and needs."

Nap at lunchtime, dinner at 5pm, bath and bed at 7pm. That’s how a routine might go for some new parents – but not for Stacey Solomon.

The celebrity mum, who gave birth to her third son Rex back in May, has revealed she has “no routine whatsoever” with him.

Sharing a photo of herself sitting outside with her sleeping baby, she wrote: “Went outside to cool down, it got super hot indoors, hot and sweaty baby = meltdown. So we sat in the chair at the end of the garden swinging and daydreaming.

“The sun was so pretty I thought I’d take a picture only to realise Rex was fast asleep and it was only 5:30pm. People always ask me what my routine is and the truth is, I HAVE NO ROUTINE WHAT SO EVER [sic].”

Not only that, Solomon said she struggles to understand how parents manage to get into a routine at all.

“All I do know is no matter how late I try to keep him up, or how much I try to feed him, faster flow teats and staying awake only makes the nighttimes worse,” she said.

“The best thing I’ve found is to go entirely on what Rex wants/needs. Sometimes he sleeps really well sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes I love waking up, sometimes it’s a struggle to say the least.

“There is no magic formula. Just going with it. And reminding myself that I’ll miss waking for him when he sleeps through.”

“There is no magic formula. Just going with it.”

Solomon’s fans found her caption refreshing, with one writing: “I’m the same, this is so nice to hear! My son has good and bad days you just have to keep on going.”

Another mum wrote: “Love this! My little one is three months and me and my partner are exactly the same as you, we don’t have a routine what so ever we go with his needs and that works for us. You’re doing fab.”

One mum also commented: “This is exactly what I’m doing with my baby girl. I’ve given up trying to do a sleep routine, I just let her do whatever works for her which at the moment is sleeping for longer periods during the day. Good for you.”