Steamy Windows? 15 Hacks To Sort Out Your Condensation Once And For All

Condensation, be gone.
Say goodbye to steamed up, waterlogged windows for good
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Say goodbye to steamed up, waterlogged windows for good

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With the weather getting colder, more of us are starting to turn on the heating (yes, we’ve been trying to put it off for as long as we can), but this means a pesky winter problem has returned: condensation forming on windows. Eugh.

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a surface that’s cold and non-porous, such as a window. Because the air can’t contain the moisture, tiny droplets of water form on the surface and turn into condensation.

It’s a super common problem at this time of year. While it’s easy to write condensation off as a simple annoyance, it is potentially harmful for your home, as well as your health. This is because condensation can lead to mould growth.

If you’re sick and tired of waking up to damp, dripping windows (and want to avoid mould-related issues), you might want to try out some of the simple hacks we’ve rounded up for getting rid of condensation for good.

Use a squeegee to remove moisture
Notice a build-up of water on your windows? For quickly removing it, this squeegee and microfiber scrubber set could be a winner.
Keep your windows clean inside and out
Make it easier to keep your windows clean and fresh, both inside and out, with this double-sided magnetic window cleaning kit. It's super easy to use on both sides of the windows (because the outside can steam up too).
Invest in an electric dehumidifier
For a more powerful approach to moisture removal from your home, this 12 litre dehumidifier, complete with digital display, sleep mode, and 24-hour timer, is a great buy.
Apply these condensation drip strips
For stopping condensation and preventing black mould, these easy-to-use strips are a godsend. Simply apply them to your windows and they’ll protect your sills and walls from condensation-related damage.
Vacuum your windows (yes, really)
For a super simple way to remove condensation and excess moisture, this rechargeable window vacuum (that comes highly recommended) is a great buy. It’s lightweight, easy-to-use, and can be easily emptied after use.
Switch on a dehumidifier
For a dehumidifier that doesn't take up too much space, this portable design is a goodie. It's surprisingly powerful despite its size and quickly removes moisture from the air.
Try these single-use non-electric dehumidifiers
They might be small but these condensation removers sure are mighty, and work like a dream to remove damp and moisture from the air, reducing the risk of your home developing damp.
This fast-acting moisture absorber
Featuring reusable silica bags, this mini-dehumidifier works quickly to remove moisture from the air, helping to stop condensation in its tracks.
This ultra-absorbing cloth is great at removing moisture
For those mornings where you wake up and your windows are dripping in moisture, this super absorbent cloth can soak up one pint of water
Upgrade your extractor fan
Excess moisture anywhere in your home is only going to make the problem worse, so it pays to ensure you've got powerful extractor fans in place in your bathrooms and kitchen.
Put moisture absorbers on windowsills
For absorbing all that extra moisture, these refillable moisture absorbers work like a dream. They'll help to keep your windows dry and condensation-free.
Spritz around your windows with this mould blaster
Noticed that mould has started to grow? Stamp it out right away with this handy mould (and mildew) killing spray. Simply spritz, leave for a few minutes, and wipe, it's that easy.
Pop salt in a cup
Half fill a cup with salt and pop it on your windowsill. The salt should absorb any moisture and keep the condensation at bay.
Fill a cup with cat litter (sounds strange, but it works)
A rather odd sounding but seriously effective condensation hack is cat litter. Fill a cup halfway with cat litter, place it on your windowsill, and you should find that the litter absorbs any excess moisture
Give the windows a wipe down to remove moisture and muck
Once you've removed condensation from your windows, they may look a little smudged, so giving them a quick wipe over with a glass cleaning wipe is probably a good idea.