19/03/2016 12:32 GMT

Stephen Crabb: Beard Liberation Front Heralds New Hirsute Work And Pensions Secretary

Yes, there are beard campaigners.

Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images
Crabb's coiffed facial hair has given renewed hope to hirsute campaigners

Britain's Beard Liberation Front has issued warm congratulations to the new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb.

Crabb, 43, was the first Tory Cabinet with a beard when he was appointed Welsh Secretary in 2014, the group says.

They added that Crabb's promotion following the resignation of the "follicly challenged" Iain Duncan Smith has "increased the profile" of beard wearers in national politics.

The group's spokesman Keith Flett said: "Of course the first principle any Minister with a beard will have in mind is ‘no cuts’".

But questions are already being raised about how long Crabb can maintain his facial hair.

And he's been accused of "hipster entryism".


Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire