04/05/2017 13:46 BST

This Jewellery Campaign's Innuendo-Filled Slogan Is Actually Making A Powerful Statement

'Women should have that same freedom'

A jewellery campaign slogan that is raising eyebrows for including sexual innuendo, is actually making a powerful statement about women’s sexuality. 

The image - which features earrings by New York-based fine jeweller Maria Tash - has the cheeky tagline: “Something for every hole.”

The slogan was created by New York-based jewellery retailer Stone & Strand - which sells products designed for women, by women - and they want it to empower women.   

One Twitter user spotted the innuendo-filled slogan on 3 May and shared it with her followers, saying:

“Sure, that’s a good slogan for a jewellery brand.”

Maria Tash managed to see the funny side to it all when the company responded on Twitter with a crying with laughter emoji. 

“This is from a third party without our approval,” they explained.

“We’ve asked to change it, we prefer to think we have something for every piercing!”

And Stone & Strand took to Twitter to clarify that they were indeed the masterminds behind the slogan: 

“Hi there, we wanted to clarify that this was our slogan and not Maria Tash. 

“We’re a team of women proud to be designing jewellery for other women!” 

Speaking to HuffPost UK, a spokesperson for Stone & Strand commented: 

“We believe that in the same way men have historically been granted room in our discourse to make playful references to their sexuality, women should have that same freedom.

“We have an irreverent outlook, but at the same time are committed to producing fine jewellery of the very highest quality.”