Stray Dog Transforms Into A Majestic Lion In Stunning Photo Series

Look how magnificent he is.

A German photographer has transformed a formerly stray dog into a beautiful lion in a series of stunning images.

Julia Maria Werner first spotted the pup looking for scraps of food in a garage in Spain and was instantly drawn to the fact he looked so much like a lion.

Immediately besotted with the bedraggled pooch, Werner took him in, cared for him and fed him.

She has since photographed the pup as a lion to show just how brave he is and how far he's come.

Snow! Snow! Snow? ... I loooove snow !!!

Posted by Tschikko Leopold Von Werner on Saturday, March 19, 2016

The photographer told Bored Panda that when she spotted the dog, despite him being scruffy and thin in appearance, he instantly reminded her of Simba from the Lion King.

Being a huge Lion King fan, she decided to make the pup - who she has since named Tschikko Leopold von Werner - a mane using left over fabric.

It wasn't long before he was ready for his close-up.

Tschikko has come on leaps and bounds in terms of his appearance and, more importantly, his personality is also starting to shine through.

Werner said: "In the beginning he was very insecure.

"Someone who knows a lot about dogs told me the best thing is 'working' with him and teaching him some tricks."

She discovered that he loves jumping on things and wearing the mane.

"The pictures are both a game and teamwork between us," she added.

The photo series, which is called 'Big City Lion', sees Tschikko looking pretty bad-ass in various scenes across the city.

Werner said Tschikko is now living with her back in Germany, where he is enjoying his newfound fame as a lion.

She added: "Everybody takes pictures of him. Little kids often ask me if he is a real lion!"

To see the full shoot, visit Werner's website.


Posted by Tschikko Leopold Von Werner on Wednesday, March 16, 2016