Suella Braverman Wants To Be The 'Most Racist Brown Person', Says Senior Labour Official

Mish Rahman said the home secretary is on a "personal quest for far-right acceptance".
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

A member of Labour’s ruling body has said Suella Baverman wants to be the “most racist brown person in British politics”.

Speaking on the fringes of the Labour Party conference in Liverpool on Monday, Mish Rahman said Braverman was the “most far-right home secretary” there had been.

Rahman, who sits on Labour’s National Executive Committee but was speaking in a personal capacity, said: “Her dog-whistles are now replaced by pure incitement.

“It’s like she is on some sort of personal driven mission to be the most racist brown person in UK politics in a personal quest for far-right acceptance.”

Mish Rahman
Mish Rahman

Rahman told the “fighting the Tories’ racist offensive” event in Liverpool that Rishi Sunak was trying to make “political capital” out of public fears about migration.

He added: “At the front line of these attempts is his home secretary Suella Braverman who regularly warns us of these migrant ‘invasions’ and regularly promotes conspiracy theories suggesting that shadowy ruthless elites are pushing a programme of progressive politics designed to undermine Western democracies.”

Braverman triggered a backlash last week when she used her populist speech to the Conservative Party conference to warn of a “hurricane” of immigration.

It came after she also said multiculturalism in the UK had “failed” and argued an immigration posed an “existential challenge” to the West.


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