Sugar Is As Bad For Public Health As Smoking, Experts Warn

'Sugar is the new tobacco.'

Sugar is as dangerous to public health as smoking, health experts have warned.

In a recently paper published, Dr Aseem Malhotra said the similarities between the taboo industry and the sugar industry are “disturbing”.

“The case against sugar is overwhelming. Sugar is the new tobacco, so let’s start treating it that way,” he said.

“There is nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but sugar has no place as part of a ‘healthy balanced diet.’”

Other scientists in the field have since come forward to support his view.

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Dr Malhotra also called on the government to impose stricter regulations around sugar.

“Similar to smoking, any further regulatory measures to reduce sugar consumption, such as banning of sugary drink advertising and dissociating sugary drinks with sporting events, will have a further impact on improving population health within a short time,” he said.

Dr Malhotra’s paper, originally published on medical site, has received support from other health professionals such as Professor David Haslam from the National Obesity Forum.

According to The Express, he said: “I tell my patients that the things they think are probably bad for them, are probably bad for them.

“How many smokers think tobacco is adding years to their timespan, or whisky is an elixir of life? It’s the same with sugar. Who eats a jam doughnut in the belief they’ll live longer?”

He said education was key to reducing sugar consumption, but added that stricter regulations from the government would slow the obesity epidemic and reduce cases of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Dr Malhotra’s paper comes after Jamie Oliver said obesity, largely fuelled by sugar, was a bigger threat to Britain than Isis.

In an episode of ‘Dispatches’ on Channel 4, he held a copy of the new proposals set out by Theresa May, saying: “This should go to the Trades Description Act because that says ‘action plan’ and there’s hardly any action in here.

“If you are worried about the thing that hurts the British people the most, it ain’t Isis, right?

“Obesity is killing huge amounts of people well before their time. This is a war.”


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