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Unique Baby Names: 12 Summer-Inspired Names For Your Boy Or Girl, Including Rae, Eden And Sonny


You may not realise it, but the summer season is a great source of inspiration for baby names if you’re expecting in the sunny months.

We’ve looked up the meaning behind names to find their summery inspiration and found others that capture the essence of the season in one word.

Have any you’d like to add? Let us know by adding them in the comments below.

  • Summer
    AGrigorjeva via Getty Images
    It might seem like an obvious choice but Summer (also spelt Sommer) captures the season perfectly. It's been used as a name since the 1970s. 
  • Kai
    SbytovaMN via Getty Images
    In Hawaii, Kai means "sea", tying it into one of the best activities to do in the summer with your kids - going to the beach. 
  • Meadow
    PeopleImages via Getty Images
    This name captures those days when you're outside with your kids playing in the grass on a sunny day. Perfection. 
  • Rae
    Andrii Oleksiienko via Getty Images
    Your baby will always be your little ray of sunshine. 
  • Eden
    nata_zhekova via Getty Images
    Eden means "place of pleasure" and refers to a place of paradise in the Bible. 
  • Cain
    Alija via Getty Images
    Cain is a name frequently used in Wales that means "clear water" - reminding us of paddling pools and the glistening sea. 
  • Leo
    poplasen via Getty Images
    The star sign Leo is for babies born in July and August, so why not use their zodiac sign as inspiration for their moniker?
  • Dayton
    TuelekZa via Getty Images
    An English name derived from a surname meaning "bright and sunny town". 
  • Skye
    vvvita via Getty Images
    Looking out the window and seeing a clear blue sky is one of the best parts of summer - and it could make a beautiful short name for your little one. 
  • River
    MmeEmil via Getty Images
    The unisex name has been used by celebrities including Kelly Clarkson and Jamie Oliver and symbolises the flowing body of water.
  • Sunny
    druvo via Getty Images
    Sometimes spelt Sonny, this name is the epitome of summer. 
  • Oceana
    MilosStankovic via Getty Images
    This names derives from "ocean" and symbolises those days in the summer months spent by the beach. 

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