Mum Who Has Never Had Baby Gates Believes Parents Don't Need To Baby-Proof Their Homes

'Let them learn and they won’t do it again.'

A mum explained she doesn’t baby-proof her home as she believes kids will learn boundaries without having restrictions like baby gates.

Abby Plested, 23, from Auckland, New Zealand, who is mum to Houston, three and Goldie Grace, three months, told Stuff her best baby-proofing hack for dreamy homes would be: “Don’t baby-proof. Let them learn and they won’t do it again.”

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, she said: “There is a place and a need to baby-proof some parts of your home however, I think you can go over the top with it.

“I have never put baby gates up in my home or stairs because I think it’s important for the baby to learn boundaries without these.”

This is Houston being Maui 😂 I don't remember the last time he let me put a shirt on him...because Maui ain't wear shirts mum 🙄

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Plested said she has a large cactus in her house and her three-year-old son previously touched it, but will now “never go near it again”.

Kid show me your funny face

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The mum-of-two said she makes sure she buys furniture with her children in mind, so even though she may want a glass table, she doesn’t have one as it’s not practical with kids.

If GG could talk she would prob be asking for help 😂

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Plested also ensures she buys mirrors, shelves and furniture that are properly attached to the wall so they don’t pose any danger to her kids.

Giving the tv babysitter a good run this arvo 🤙🏼

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Commenting on the interview, one person wrote: “Not baby-proofing is such a good idea. I can attest to that.

“It’s overly expensive and completely unnecessary. Children are much more sensible than we give them credit for and they’re ridiculously quick learners.”

Someone else wrote: “There is baby-proofing and there is baby-proofing. As far as I can see there is not really any need to baby-proof that lovely house.

“But some houses do need it in my opinion and it would be pretty irresponsible not to.”

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