11/07/2017 10:51 BST

Susanna Reid Says What We're All Thinking As She's Reunited With Bill Turnbull On 'Good Morning Britain'

Piers Morgan needed his ego stroking as she welcomed her former co-host to the show.

They say you shouldn’t ask a question you don’t want to hear the answer to, and that was something Piers Morgan found out for himself on Tuesday’s (11 July) ‘Good Morning Britain’

The presenter needed a bit of an ego stroke as his co-host Susanna Reid was reunited with her former ‘BBC Breakfast’ colleague Bill Turnbull on the ITV breakfast show. 

As Susanna and Piers trailed his appearance at the top of ‘GMB’, a jealous Piers was keen to find out if he was Susanna’s favourite ever co-presenter. 

Piers Morgan's ego was dented when Susanna Reid admitted she preferred Bill Turnbull

After joking about his youth in comparison to Bill, Piers turned to Susanna and asked: “Do you prefer Bill Turnbull to me?”

Whithout hesitation, she replied: “Yeah, I do actually.”

As the crew erupted into laughter, a wounded Piers commented: “OK, well this is going to be a long morning, isn’t it. That’s made that clear. 

“Well, I preferred Amanda Holden to you,” he added, referencing their time on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ together. 

An awkward silence ensued, as the pair’s co-star Charlotte Hawkins remarked: “For me, it’s like being the child of divorced parents every morning.” 

Susanna and Bill put on a loving display on 'Good Morning Britain'

When Bill eventually joined the bickering pair in the studio, he and Susanna put on a loved-up display to make Piers jealous. 

As the pair held hands across the desk, Susanna told Bill: “It’s so lovely to see you, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I’ve missed you,” Bill said. 

“I’ve missed you too, I’m slightly emotional,” Susanna responded. 

Bill and Susanna hosted 'BBC Breakfast' together

Bill made his first appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ last November, just months after quitting his role as host of rival show ‘BBC Breakfast’, which he previously hosted with Susanna, prior to her jumping ship to ITV in 2014. 

Piers’s jealousy was raging back then too, and he stormed onto set during a link Bill and Susanna were presenting together. 

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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