Swaddled Baby Absolutely Loves Being 'Unwrapped' As Part Of Morning Wake-Up Routine

Every. Single. Time.

Nothing makes us smile more than seeing a happy baby, especially one as enthusiastic as this.

One dad decided to share how excited his son gets every time he is “unwrapped” from being swaddled in a blanket at night.

Each time the boy’s hands became free, he shot them up in air with a huge smile on his face.

So freakin’ cute.


Kent Siri from Texas, US, posted on Facebook a montage of clips of his son, Kaden, doing the same action each time he is unwrapped, to prove it wasn’t a one-off occurrence.

And people on the internet loved it, seeing as the video was watched more than 12 million times in the week it was posted.

“Whoa. What happened here?” Siri wrote on Facebook.

“We are completely shocked at the overwhelming response to our little guy’s morning wake up routine.”

Siri told BuzzFeed News: “Kaden has a strong startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex, which causes him to jolt a lot at night and wake himself up.

“Swaddling makes him feel safe and secure and helps him sleep. His arms pop up like that because he’s stoked to start the day.”

The dad decided to set up a Facebook page - KP The Baby - for the adorable tot so people can follow what he gets up to.

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