Summer Style 2017: This Swimwear Brand Refuses To Photoshop Out Stretch Marks, And It's Awesome

Keepin' it real 🙌

A swimwear brand is going against the grain by refusing to use photoshopped images of its latest range on its website.

Rheya Swim, an L.A-based fashion brand, has used product shots in which models’ stretch marks are clearly visible.

Chloe Madison, the 21-year-old founder and designer, made the decision not to airbrush out the stretch marks because she no longer wanted to be part of an industry that celebrates only perfection.

The entire range was modelled by the designer and her best friend.

“When we got back photos from retouching it was shocking. I didn’t really recognise my body–enhanced to someone else’s idealistic version of it,” Madison told Elle.

Rheya Swim

Madison sent back the photos, asking for the un-photoshopped versions instead.

“I thought, I wonder if people are going to notice and compare it to other sites where models look completely flawless?” she said.

“But, ultimately I thought it was the right way to go.”

Rheya Swim

From one-piece swimsuits and criss-cross bikinis, the collection comes in three shades: white, blush and black.

Rheya Swim

The collection is available to buy online, and international shipping costs $14 (£11).


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