Syrian Refugees Praised By Far-Right German Party After Rescuing Politician From Car Crash

How ironic.

A far-right German political party has thanked two refugees who rescued one of their members from a car crash.

Stefan Jagsch was injured when his car crashed into a tree in Germany’s Hessen state on 16 March.

But the lead candidate for the right-wing NPD (National Democratic) party was pulled from the wreckage by two Syrian nationals.

The NPD is a far-right German political party
The NPD is a far-right German political party

They then proceeded to administer first aid before an ambulance arrived, according to the Guardian.

When the emergency services arrived, they had already left.

NPD official Jean Christoph Fiedler was quoted by the Frankfurter Rundschau daily as praising the refugees for their "very good, human actions."

The paper reported that Jagsch took part in a far-right demonstration in January at which refugees were described as "invaders" and "lawless primates."

Nationalist and far-right parties have gained support in Germany amid the influx of refugees and migrants.

Efforts were made to ban the NPD last year after a dramatic increase in attacks on refugees and asylum hostels.

Tensions were particularly inflamed after a swathe of sexual assaults took place around the train station in Cologne.

The attacks in the German city saw around 1,000 men target women, with many of the suspects described as North African.


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