syria conflict

I am a stay-at-home mother. I have no political might to change the world. I don't know how to change the world (if we are honest, there is no straightforward, easy answer). All I know is that we can evolve the world into a kinder place, one family at a time.
The world must be dealt with how it is, not how we might like it to be. We are a civilisation seeking peace but swimming in chaos.
Lock’s father said his son 'had a heart of gold'.
A former British chef with no previous military experience has been killed fighting against so-called Islamic State in Syria
Later on Monday, the Security Council will vote in New York on a resolution to allow U.N. staff to monitor the evacuations
Several thousand people have expressed interest in attending a demonstration in London on Saturday prompted by the “extreme
Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell interrupted a speech by Jeremy Corbyn to demand action on the Syria conflict on Saturday