Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: The Definitive Guide To Getting Tickets

Anyone hoping to nab tickets to the Speak Now singer's upcoming UK shows should probably give this a read first.
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Taylor Hill/TAS23 via Getty Images

Taylor Swift sent fans into a frenzy last month when she confirmed her Eras tour will finally come to the UK next year and, at long last, tickets are set to go on sale.

After the fiasco when tickets went on sale in the States, Team Taylor and Ticketmaster are bracing for an overwhelming demand.

To combat this, they’ve implemented a series of tough measures designed to make sure touts don’t get a look in. While this is obviously a move in the right direction, it does mean that getting a seat at the Eras tour requires serious planning and organisation.

First of all, you needed to already be registered for the specific date you want tickets for. And if you’re not? Too late, you’ve already missed out.

We told you it was brutal.

While numerous dates for her European shows went on sale last week, fans hoping to see Taylor in UK are finally getting their turn from Monday onwards.

So, if your WhatsApp group is currently full of confused messages about access codes, presales and registration then fear not. Here is our definitive guide to getting tickets…

Should I have registered already?

Let’s start with the most important part: Every fan hoping to buy tickets for the Eras tour needs to have already registered with Ticketmaster (or See Tickets, if you’re hoping to travel to Europe and see her).

If you haven’t registered – this needed to be done last month – then sorry, but you’re not even going to be able to try for tickets.

I registered – what next?

If you registered then first of all, congratulations on passing level one of the Eras Tour Ticket Madness.

Ticketmaster sent out emails to fans who registered last week, either giving them an “access code” for when the shows went on sale, or that they’re on a waiting list for the chance to try.

It’s important to note that receiving an email with an access code does not guarantee you a ticket – you’ll still need to enter the scrum when they go on sale (see below for these all-important dates).

If you’re on the waiting list then keep an eye on your inbox, you could receive an access code at any point in the coming week.

Taylor on stage during her Eras tour
Taylor on stage during her Eras tour
Taylor Hill/TAS23 via Getty Images

When do Taylor Swift tickets go on sale?

To make things even more confusing, the UK dates will all go on sale at different times (presumably to lighten the load on Ticketmaster’s servers).

Here’s when you need to set alarms for:

Monday 17 July 2023


London | Wembley Stadium | Friday, 21 June 2024

Edinburgh | Murrayfield Stadium | Friday, 7 June 2024


London | Wembley Stadium | Thursday, 15 August 2024

Edinburgh | Murrayfield Stadium | Saturday, 8 June 2024


Edinburgh | BT Murrayfield Stadium | Sunday, 9 June 2024

Tuesday 18 July 2023


London | Wembley Stadium | Saturday, 22 June 2024

Liverpool | Anfield Stadium | Thursday, 13 June 2024


London | Wembley Stadium | Friday, 16 August 2024

Liverpool | Anfield Stadium | Friday, 14 June 2024


Liverpool | Anfield Stadium | Saturday, 15 June 2024

Wednesday 19 July 2023


London | Wembley Stadium | Sunday, 23 June 2024


London | Wembley Stadium | Saturday, 17 August 2024


Cardiff | Principality Stadium | Tuesday, 18 June 2024

It’s in the diary. How many tickets can I buy and how much will they be?

The first part is easy: A maximum of four.

As for the second... you might want to sit down. In the initial UK presales, tickets ranged from around £59 (for restricted view tickets) to £110 for general admission standing.

Those hoping to stand closer to the stage should expect to fork out around £172, with the most expensive seats going for £194.

Oh, and don’t gorget those VIP packages, which can set you back as much as £662.40 each for the most expensive.

What are the best tips for getting Taylor Swift Eras UK 2024 tickets?

Ticketmaster has issued an FAQ with some helpful information.

First of all, just use one tab in one browser window. The virtual waiting room will open 30 minutes before the sale starts so get there early and make sure you’re logged in to the site.

Have your access code ready to paste across and when searching, take a moment to make sure you’ve definitely ticked the right boxes. Whatever you do, don’t refresh the page as it’s searching for seats.

One Taylor Swift fan has gone one step further though and published a whole Twitter thread with their top tips.

Swiftie @marieeldrid, who secured tickets for the US shows, warned UK and European fans to pre-register their details and payment method with the local ticket provider (likely to be Ticketmaster here in the UK) and have a back-up payment option – like an active PayPal account – ready just in case payment fails and you are timed out.

They also advised that in the US sales, you could not open pages on multiple devices or windows once you are logged in to your account. They noted: “For the USA presale, we could only use one device & one page. If you wanna do multiple, you need multiple TM accounts with different emails.”

And of course, make sure you are online and ready to go five to 10 minutes before any of the sales you’re wanting to buy from.


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