Taylor Swift's Response To Time Magazine Honour Is Purr-fect

The singer's reaction to being named "Person of the Year" was catty ― in the best way possible.

Taylor Swift’s reaction to being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year was a bit catty ― in the best way possible.

On Tuesday, the singer responded to the announcement by tweeting an imaginary conversation between her and the publication alongside the cover photo:

“Time Magazine: We’d like to name you Person of the Yea-”

“Me: Can I bring my cat.”

As you can see from her post below, the cover photo featured Swift with one of her three cats, Benjamin Button, whom she adopted in 2019.

As you might expect, many Swifties thought the photo was purr-fect.

Several people even tried to emulate the photo ― with varying results.

Some people had some slightly snarky reactions.

Others wondered how Taylor’s other cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, might react to Benjamin’s higher profile.

One person even suggested reigniting an old rumor about why Meredith was missing in action.


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