Forget Plastic Bottles, Tesco Has Become The First Supermarket To Stock Cans Of Water

You can now make your meal deal drink plastic-free.

If you’re caught short without your refillable bottle, the only option for grabbing a drink on the go tends to involve picking up a plastic water bottle with a side order of guilt about the environmental impact.

But, fear not. In 700 Tesco stores, you can now buy completely recyclable aluminium cans of water from environmentally-conscious drinks company CanO Water. The cans are available to buy individually or as part of the supermarket’s £3 meal deal.

CanO Water

Aluminium is the most cost effective materials to recycle, because it uses less energy. It can also be recycled again and again without losing properties – meaning that 75% of all the aluminium that has ever been made is still being used somewhere, according to Recycle Now. Pretty impressive.

“Aluminium cans have the highest recycling rate of any product out there and a recycled can could be back on the shelf as another one in just 60 days,” Ariel Booker, co-founder of CanO Water, said in a statement.

“In future, I hope sustainable food shopping includes all categories, and every food and drink aisle,” he told HuffPost UK. “Until then, we have to start with the small, disposable products we buy everyday - that includes the humble bottle of water”.

So basically, your on the go drinking options just got way more sustainable.

Tesco have also pledged to remove all packaging that is hard to recycle from its business by 2019, as well as developing easy-to-understand packaging recycling communication.