20/01/2017 09:29 GMT | Updated 20/01/2017 14:10 GMT

'Thank You Obama' Sweeps Twitter As People Share Their Gratitude Before Donald Trump's Inauguration

'You've done more wonders than 140 characters can name.'

As the world braces itself for the beginning of the era of President Trump, many are bidding a fond farewell to Barack Obama by thanking him for his time in tenure.

Americans and others around the world shared the things they were grateful to the outgoing US president for, from improving LGBT rights to working to rebuild the economy.

The hashtag #ThankYouObama was full of messages of support for him...

Hundreds of Obama supporters gathered on Thursday night for a sold-out “Thanks. Obama” event in Washington DC.

The “Thanks Obama” meme started as a sarcastic criticism - but over his presidency has evolved. Many have used to it joke about how Obama was blamed for just about anything, but this latest rally and hashtag shows how it has grown to be used genuinely.

At one point, a Hawaiian dance took place in honour of Obama’s birthplace. The band also played Bob Marley’s song “No Woman, No Cry,” but incorporated the lyrics “No Obama, No Cry” instead.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
A woman holds a sign thanking him outside the White House

The soon-to-be ex-president was given a length standing ovation and many attendees wrote notes to explain why they were grateful to him.

The clap-out was streamed live on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope to users across the country.