13/02/2019 06:00 GMT | Updated 13/02/2019 11:25 GMT

8 Heartfelt Prints That Celebrate Love (And Won't Make You Want To Vomit)

Perfect for a housewarming gift or treat for yourself, without a hefty price tag attached.

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Navigating buying art can be tricky, especially when you don’t have thousands of pounds to spend. We’ve got to pay for the four walls to hang it on, after all.

So to give you some inspo, we’ve compiled a list of the very best artworks that champion and celebrate love – because who doesn’t love a theme? Plus, they’re a great find for Valentine’s Day if you’re stuck on what to buy. 

For the maximalist to the minimalist and everything in between, these are guaranteed to brighten up any room. 


Cuddle Line Drawing Print, Etsy, £17

This minimalist line drawing is an easy addition to a colourful room if you’re not a fan of clashing prints. Simple, sweet and easy to frame, it’s available in sizes A5 to 100cm so you can go as little or as large as you like.

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This Lakshmi

Kiss me Rose Gold Foiled Print, This Lakshmi, £20

More than meets than eye, this simple brushstroke print upon a closer look is drawn in gold and will catch the light beautifully on a sunny day. 

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Venn Diagram Couple Print, Etsy, £22

Cute but not cliched, this subtle display of your relationship would make a fitting engagement or first wedding anniversary gift. You can also find it in Purple and Green, Purple and Yellow, Orange and Blue or Green and Yellow.

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East End Prints Geometric Heart, Trouva, £29.95

We couldn’t have a list of love prints without a heart in there. Frame with a slim black border and hang in the hallway to raise a smile everytime you pass it. 

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Five And Dime Neon Print, Trouva, £16

Okay, so maybe we have two hearts in here, but we couldn’t not include this neon one so you can light up your living room without rinsing the electricity bill. 

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Red Lobsters Print, Etsy, £9.57

Fun fact; lobsters mate for life. If you’ve found your lobster, celebrate in style with this print. And if you love seafood, even better, hang it in the kitchen for a dash of colour. 

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Map poster of Bristol, Mapiful, £43.73

Commemorate where you met or moved in together with a black and white map print. Customise to what location means the most to you or give to your partner as a thoughtful gift. Plus, this doesn’t require hanging on a wall, it will look just as good standing against it. 

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Annu Kilpeläinen

Open Doors, Annu Kilpeläinen, £50

A toilet painting might not scream romance, but hear us out. Peeing with the door open is reality of living with your significant other – an unlikely sign of intimacy and comfort in each other’s presence. Celebrate that by popping this vibrant print in your loo. 

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